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Greetings KCMS Parents, Students, & Stakeholders,


First, let me tell you how proud I am to serve in the capacity of principal. I serve with some of the best educators and have some of the best students and parents. This school year is different due to COVID-19; however, we as a staff along with you as parents and students will get through this year by working together as a team. I want to encourage you as we continue to navigate through this school year with its many challenges, let us do it according to the KCMS motto, "Grinding & Growing to Greatness the Wildcat Way."


Thanks for your continued support and remember to (1) be proactive, (2) be positive, (3) be present, (4) be patient, & (5) be productive.  If we do those things, there is no doubt KCMS will be successful.  


For additional information about our school, please explore our website and/or call our office. We are here to serve you.

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Joseph Stone




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KCMS Staff

Rosia_Geeter_Teacher copy.jpg

Rosa Geeter

Cyber Foundations

Jasmine_Key_Teacher copy.jpg

Jasmine Key

7th Grade Science

Emily Lowery2.jpg

Emily Lowery

8th Grade Math

Lougenia Barton2.jpg

Lougenia Barton

7th Grade Pre-Algebra


Dicenzo Miller

7th Grade Physical Education

Linda Pollock2.jpg

Linda Pollock

8th Grade ELA

Ruth Tripplett2.JPG

Ruth Triplett

7th Grade Social Studies

Shana Hopkins2.JPG

Shana Hopkins

8th Grade ELA

Keraneisha Green2.jpg

Keraneisha Green

8th Grade Math

Kimkeshia Butler copy.jpg

Kimkeshia  Butler

7th Grade Technology

Vivian Jackson copy.jpg

Vivian Jackson

8th Grade Social Studies

Ticey Little2.jpg

Ticey Little

Special Education Teacher

Lawanda Shields2.jpg

Lawanda Shields

7th Grade ELA

Rajkumari Jakkula2.jpg

Rajkumari Jakkula

8th Grade Science

Terrie Cooper2.jpg

Terrie Cooper

Special Education Teacher