Teacher with students at Lower Elementary
Teacher with students at Lower Elementary

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Group of Students at Lower Elementary
Group of Students at Lower Elementary

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Teacher instructing student
Teacher instructing student

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Teacher with students at Lower Elementary
Teacher with students at Lower Elementary

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Welcome to KCLE!


Dear Welcome Parents and Community,


Our new elementary school, Kemper County Lower Elementary, is a great opportunity for students to grow and excel both socially and academically.  

Our classroom sizes are smaller and our faculty and staff are devoted to all students and families. At KCLE, we believe that the more the school and family are joined as partners in education, the greater our children's chances for success. There are many opportunities for engagement in the school community beyond the actual school day. 

We thank you for your interest in Kemper County Lower Elementary School and invite you to join us. If you would like additional about our school, please call us 662-476-8423 or email me at jcawthorn@kemper.k12.ms.us.


Dr. Jeri Cawthorn


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KCLE Staff

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Genetrice Doss

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Tydashia Little

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Teacher Assistant

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