Group of girls in hallway
Group of girls in hallway

Group of girls in hallway
Group of girls in hallway


Welcome to KCHS!

"The vision of Kemper County High School is to create a climate where students feel safe and excel academically while becoming college and career ready."

Dear Welcome Parents and Community,

Welcome to Kemper County High School where we are learning and growing, the Wildcat Way. Our faculty, staff, and administration are focused on providing a quality learning experience for all students through the various curricular and extracurricular opportunities available. Our focus as educators will continue to be on preparing students for college and careers by developing essential skills and behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. Our teachers provide relevant, engaging content while building strong relationships with all students and families.


We look forward to getting to know you and to learning how we can serve you and your family. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We thank our current parents for entrusting their children to our care and we look forward to working with you this school year. Remember….We are Learning and Growing Together, The Wildcat Way!!!\

If you would like additional about our school, please call us 601-743--5292 or email me at


Dr. Kory Thigpen









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KCHS Staff

Jacqueline Jackson copy.jpg

Jacqueline Jackson

Assistant Principal/ Athletic Director

Lee Butler copy.jpg

Lee Butler

Buildings and Grounds

Monica Craig copy.jpg

Monica Craig

Exception Ed. Teacher

Jonetta Slaughter

School Counselor

Beverly Williams copy.jpg

Beverly Williams

Buildings and Grounds

Spanish Teacher

Carla_White copy.jpg

Carla White

Data Clerk/Secretary

Ravichandran Ayyappan copy.jpg

Ravichandran Ayyappan

Math Teacher

Sherby Gully copy.jpg

Sherby Gully

History/English Teacher

Shalonda Griffin copy.jpg

Shalonda Griffin


Herbert Bourrage copy.jpg

Herbert Bourrage
Buildings and Grounds

Betty Casey copy.jpg

Betty Casey

History Teacher

Alyshondra Hicks copy.jpg

Alyshondria Hicks

Math Teacher

Keith Cole copy.jpg

Keith Cole

Health Teacher/ Head Coach Volleyball and Track

George Gill copy.jpg

George Gill

JROTC Instructor

Terrance Hill copy.jpg
Sylvia Hopkins copy.jpg
Thenesha Hopson copy.jpg
Qu_Varius Howard copy.jpg
Hugo Jackson copy.jpg

Terrance Hill

History Teacher

Lauren Kiefer copy.jpg

Slyvia Hopkin

Science Teacher

Sandra Jones

English Teacher

Lauren Kiefer

English Teacher

Senecia Madison
Art Teacher

Veronica McDonald

ISS Teacher

Hugo Jackson

JROTC Instructor

Shelia Kannath

Science Teacher

Roger Liddell copy.jpg
Danzell McCoy copy.jpg

Roger Liddell

Science Teacher

Danzel McCoy

Exceptional Ed Teacher

Quavarius Howard

Physical Ed Teacher/ Head Coach Boys Basketball

Tanesha Hopson

Exceptional Ed. TA

Annie Mosley copy.jpg

Annie Mosley

Accounting Teacher

Marsha Nathan copy.jpg

Marsha Nathan

Chorus/Music Teacher

Julius Newton copy.jpg

Julius Newton

Science Teacher

Veronica McDonald copy.jpg
Senicia Madison copy.jpg
Sheila Kannatha copy.jpg
Sandra Jones copy.jpg
Cicily Patton copy.jpg

Cicily Patton

Math Teacher

Darius Stalling copy.jpg

Darius Stallings

Band Director

Bobby Boler

Safety & Security

Jeanisha_Rush copy.jpg

Jeanisha Rush

English Teacher

Porchia Turner copy.jpg

Porchia Turner

Library Media Specialist

Abby_Little_School_Safety_Officer copy.j

Abby Little

Safety & Security

Johnny Rush copy.jpg

Johnny Rush


Simone Walker copy.jpg

Simone Walker

Exceptional Ed. Teacher

David Seabaugh copy.jpg

Donovan Seabaugh

History Teacher

Charles Westerfield copy.jpg

Charles Westerfield

Exception Ed Teacher

Head Coach Football

Ronnie_Slaughter copy.jpg

Ronnie Slaughter

Exception Ed Self-Contained

Head Coach Girls Basketball

Patricia Williams copy.jpg

Patricia Williams

Transition Coordinator