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Welcome to the 2022-23 school year. We’re excited for the start of a new year and the opportunity it presents for setting new goals, reigniting neglected passions, and putting our individual and collective best selves forward. Kemper County School District is an incredible place for students to learn and grow. Our district is built on high expectations for our students and staff.  Our teachers and administrators have been gathering for the last several weeks to learn together, to plan for the upcoming year, and to ready their classrooms for the nearly 1,000 students.

I believe it is our purpose to create an environment of safety, care, and support for every student, every day - The Wildcat Way!  We do this best by knowing them as learners and individuals, recognizing their skills and motivations, and pushing them to excel.  At Kemper County School District, our students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning while exploring their interests and finding passions.

Many thanks go to the custodial and maintenance staff in each of our buildings who have worked diligently all summer long to make sure our buildings are in tip-top shape.  A walk through of any of our schools will showcase their attention to detail and pride in their work.  Our food service workers and summer interns also deserve a big thank you for their service to our district.  

Finally, you - our families and friends - deserve a big thank you for working with us to provide the very best education possible for all of our students.


Please call if you have a question or want to connect with one of our schools to arrange a visit. There is no better way to understand and appreciate the excellence behind Kemper County Schools than to experience it for yourself.




Hilute Hudson, III

Superintendent of Education

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